Emergency Plumbing Repair

An understanding of plumbing basics will help when you're tackling your plumbing problems. Knowing why things work the way they do, the proper parts to use and why, what tools the pros use, and what you are looking at when you are seeing it for the first time will make your DIY plumbing projects go much more smoothly.

But how do you get the knowledge about plumbing that it takes a professional plumber years to learn?

After being a plumbing contractor here in Portland, Oregon for almost 30 years, I do know what works and what doesn't.

From broken and spewing pipes, either water or waste, to overflowing or shattered toilets, to dangerous water heaters described as "strangely noisy and very hot", I've seen it all.

I try to coach my customer over the phone about what they should do until I arrive. This intended help is sometimes met appreciative attention and other times with simple alarm.

Many people think that all they need to do in an emergency is call me. While I appreciate their confidence in my skills, it makes me sad to arrive and see damage that could have been prevented if only a few, often simple, things had been done.

If you need to call a plumber for emergency help, there may be some things you will want to do that could make a difference in the amount of damage your home suffers. Listen carefully to what you are told to do, and try to stay calm. My own plumbing contractor business serves the Clackamas, Multnomah, and Washington county areas as well as the Portland metro area. If I can be of any help please call...

Brian's Plumbing Works, 503-656-6192

For those of you outside the Portland metro area looking for emergency 

If you intend to handle things yourself, I've written some articles to help you deal with emergencies and make the needed plumbing repairs with minimal damage to your property. As time allows, I will continue to add to the list of pages on emergency repair. Feel free to suggest articles you would like to see.

Advance preparation is as important as knowledge in an emergency. I know from my training and experience as a U S Navy Corpsman that one confident, organized person makes a great difference when things seem to be going badly.

You should not only know what to do, how to do it, and what tools to use. You should have written instructions in case you're not present when the disaster happens. At the least, instruction on how to close the main water valve and main gas valve. The tools, and or meter keys should be readily available.

Look over the following pages now to get an idea what you may need to do during a home maintenance emergency.