About Clogged Drains

Clogged drains always happen when they're least convenient, don't they? Plumbers get emergency drain calls on most holidays, and any time of the day and night!

Many homeowners are going to call a plumber or drain cleaning service for their home plumbing problems. That's an easy solution but it's not always the cheapest fix.

Some people look at their plugged drains and say, “I can fix that plumbing problem myself!” Unclogging drains of all kinds is a common do it yourself plumbing repair!

I've been a journeyman plumbing contractor in Portland Oregon for over 25 years. Specializing in home plumbing repairs and service, I've fixed just about any kind of blocked drain that you can imagine!

Let a plumber give you some help on (your) plumbing repairs. I'd like to share with you some tricks, tips, how-to and why-not's about unclogging those blocked drains.

Your home has many different plumbing fixtures. Any of them can have a plugged drain. But every drain is a little different. There's different types of clogs and different methods of clearing each drain.

One tool may be right on one drain and not work on another drain. You need to know about the drain you're working on. The first tool you may reach for is the plumbers helper. This may or may not be a waste of time. Here's some other drain cleaning tools to choose from. 

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