Plumbing Parts/Supplies

One thing about doing any kind of plumbing, plumbing supplies will be needed to get the project finished (unless you are a black tape and epoxy specialist.) This is true whether you're a plumbing contractor, or simply tackling a DIY plumbing project at home.

And the best way I can define plumbing parts or supplies? They're the hundred or so various things I always keep in stock in my plumbing service truck. They're not plumbing pipe, fittings or fixtures, but are used when installing or repairing those items.

What I propose to do is go through my list, and tell you-

  • what I use, and why I use it
  • What I won't use and why not
  • what my favorite brand may be on some items.

Just to let you know, I'm not going to list everything on the truck. It would make a good stock list, but you DIYers would go to sleep.

Nor am I going to leave certain things out because they may seem too obscure or uncommon. Over the years that knowledge of the obscure has become one of my best friends.

It's helped me do what others can't even consider doing. And the gleaning of it holds my interest in the work. Remember... the point of the internet and Plumbing-Geek is to share knowledge.

So that's the plan... I'll share what you need to know about different supplies as they come up either in these articles or when I use them on the job. Let's go!