Choose The Right Plumbing Tool

Plumbing tool knowledge is essential. You would not expect your auto mechanic to work with only a screwdriver and a crescent wrench. Neither will you accomplish much more than destruction working on plumbing with only a pipe wrench and pliers. 

Whether you're a professional plumber on the job or you fearlessly tackle DIY plumbing projects, three things are necessary to succeed: Aptitude, Knowledge, and The Right Plumbing Tool.

Fortunately, the majority of tools needed to perform common household plumbing repairs are widely available. Take a look at some of the online catalogs of just a few companies that produce tools for the plumbing industry. This will keep you informed as new tools come into existence.

My goals in presenting this information are to create confidence through knowledge, and to perpetuate the sense of pride in ones work that is the foundation of excellence.

To that end I will promote the selection of tools that minimize the damage to and scarring of the materials being worked on.