Who Repairs Vintage Plumbing?

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Who repairs vintage plumbing in Portland, Oregon? Brian's Plumbing is the Portland plumbing contractor to call! He loves the challenge of working on old plumbing! We've saved many out of order fixtures from the landfill.

Vintage plumbing is found in the homes of many historic Portland Oregon neighborhoods. If you live in

  • Alameda
  • Buckman
  • Council Crest
  • Ladds Addtion
  • Mt. Tabor
  • Vista...

(or a vintage home anywhere else!) you know how important having the original fixtures are to the look and feel of your old home.

Unfortunately, many Portland plumbing contractors are unable to work on these old, beautiful fixtures. They prefer to replace the fixture with a modern reproduction instead.

The availability of modern reproduction fixtures is a boon to the vintage home restoration industry.

But instead of buying new fixtures, you can find genuine antique plumbing fixtures at local or online vintage plumbing salvage companies. These used antique plumbing fixtures are fully restorable to their original function... by the right person.

Restore Beautiful But Finicky Old Fixtures.

Some original fixtures of exquisite or rare design are especially deserving or restoration. In some cases, the pieces have been “married” to the cast iron or porcelain that they're mounted on for so many years that it makes their in-place restoration even more necessary.

As a “certified” plumbing-geek Brian delights in doing the impossible, often restoring once unusable vintage fixtures to their original function. Many of these were declared to be “little more than scrap metal” by other plumbers.

By doing this antique plumbing repair & restoration, he's preserved the architectural integrity of many homes, and prevented the need to remodel an entire room in a historic home.

Can Your Original Fixtures Be Saved?

If your original chinaware or porcelain fixtures are broken, you'll usually need to replace them. But what may look like a deep crack to you, may really be only surface “crazing.”

A professional can tell you what the damage really is, and if removal and replacement is necessary.

Disassembly of your fixtures should be done by the person doing the plumbing restoration, if possible. This will prevent further damage and loss of parts.

Unlike the chinaware bowls or tubs, antique brass parts are more easily restored. Brian's Plumbing has done this many times, having pieces fabricated when needed.

We can often work around missing parts, missing porcelain, and corrupted tubing. But the more complete a fixture is, the more easily it can be restored.

For more information or questions about your vintage plumbing restoration projects,

Call Brian @ Brian's Plumbing- 503-656-6192.

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