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This is my vintage plumbing buy sell trade bulletin board. The single greatest challenge, the hardest part of the restoration process for me, is the acquisition of original parts and fixtures. In this I am not alone, I am certain. It has been on my "To do list" to build this bulletin board, to create my own small clearing house where visitors might post items they have or need, with photos and descriptions. Now that I am actually creating a "Plumbing buy sell trade" page I begin to worry that I may be over optimistic, I wonder if I am being naive in thinking things will go smoothly, that users of the bulletin board will be civil. I suppose I had better lay some ground rules and explain the set up so there are no, or fewer misunderstandings.

Format and rules

To begin with I want to be very clear what I am getting out of the existence of a plumbing buy sell trade page on my site. First, I hope it will be used, that will generate traffic for this site which will help me financially. Second, I hope it will help me in my own unending search for items I need to complete projects of my own and those of my clients. Third, I desire to create useful content, to improve and expand this site in a practical way. To those ends I have decided to take a chance, to optimistically proceed with my envisioned plumbing buy sell trade pages.

It would seem simple, as simple as any actual bulletin board in any physical place, a coffee shop, or a work place. The thing to remember is that the world is filled with scammers, people who can turn the most innocuous thing into an opportunity to steel from and abuse others. I can do little about this. As you interact with anyone you meet through features of this site you must guard yourself, I assume no responsibility for the actions of others. I do not warrant the character of any person, visitor ,or user of this site. All actual posting will be done by me, in other words this is not an automated site. I will decide what may and will be posted and will not necessarily explain my decisions, nor be held accountable for any refusal to post anything at any time. Posting will be done as my schedule allows. Please be patient with me, I get busy, I loose track, sometimes I require a second prompting. I will try, as always, to answer any mail.

I begin in the hope that all will be honest and civil. I require nothing else, no membership, nor fees. That is the carrot. If there are more problems than benefits from this page it will disappear. That is the stick.

I will begin by posting some items of my own.

I will use the e-mail address...

Please send questions and post offerings there.

Your participation is appreciated.

Mid century Pink "Standard" Toilet

Vintage Crane pedestal urinal

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