Toilet Trip Lever

For the most part, toilet trip levers are not maintained or repaired. When I work on vintage toilets that have their original brass trip levers, I like to spread some faucet grease on the working surfaces. That lets me extend the life of a part that's 80 years old and still working! Some times I have to tighten a loose trip lever, but that is about all the service they get.

Let's talk about replacing and installing trip levers. Between special proprietary parts, like the lever that pulls an American Standard actuator. The various angles trip levers may be set at, like the 45 degree offset of a Kohler Wellworth lever.

A great many trip levers are proprietary in nature. Unless you know what exactly you need, bring the old part with you when you go to buy one.

After you get it installed. set the flapper chain if you have one. Set it so it cannot be drawn fully tight, but is not so loose that it can work its way under the flapper. Flush the toilet with the tank lid in place to make sure all is well.

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