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Please Note: Brian is now in semi retirement. What that means is he has retired into his specialty, the repair and restoration of vintage plumbing fixtures. They are fixtures made around 1965 and older, roughly.

Here are some tips about Portland Plumbing Repair

Are you in Portland trying to fix a plumbing problem? If you're handy, you may be up for a do it yourself plumbing project. Many people can do minor repairs themselves.

But sometimes you need a licensed, experienced plumber to fix a plumbing problem.

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In a perfect world, when you call a plumber, a trouble-shooting problem solver will show up. You'll describe your plumbing situation or need, and the plumber will do his or her best to resolve it for you.

Now, I don't want to say that this never happens... it does. But not as often as it should.

For instance, if you have a faucet that doesn't work, the plumber will often be unable or unwilling to work on it. For whatever reason, they'd rather remove your old faucet and replace it with a new one. That's their way to fix a plumbing problem.

Yes, the problem was solved, but not how you had expected.

Why does this happen? Let me share a modern plumbing industry secret... the plumber at your door is under pressure to sell you stuff.

The more you buy, the happier their boss is. (Maybe that sounds like your job too.)

The only problem is this... you just called them to fix your not-so-old leaky faucet. You'd do it yourself but you're not much of a "DIY plumber".

The guy you called wants you to buy a whole new faucet. That's an unexpected expense.

AND it seems SO wasteful... tossing out a repairable faucet isn't your idea of "green” or sustainable plumbing at all. Wouldn't one new washer stop the leak?

This scene happens all the time. Why all the pressure to throw out old fixtures and buy new instead?

Because time is money, and the big plumbing companies make more money if their technician completes a lot of “service” calls. And it's faster to sell customers new faucets than it is to repair their existing ones.

In fact, too many licensed plumbers have NO IDEA how to fix plumbing fixtures. They're not really service plumbers, but instead are really just installers.

Are there still plumbing contractors that can actually repair your plumbing? Yes... we can!

The words “service call” implies service... and not “pushy" salespeople. When you call Brians Plumbing for your repair needs... you can talk to Brian himself about-

  • your plumbing problem
  • your options
  • the best solution for YOU

If you live in or near Portland, for a plumbing repair, fixture replacement or an entire remodel of your home plumbing system, call us today. Our only goal is to serve you.

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