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When I think of diy plumbing the old adage “A little knowledge is a dangerous thing” comes to mind. Yes, I am a stickler for the rules, but if you had seen the aberrations I have seen in the name of plumbing you would understand. Your plumbing project is important to you but not more important than the integrity of the plumbing system that serves you. The heart and soul of plumbing is sanitation, and sanitation is what allows us to live in cities.

The plumbing code is difficult to understand but important to follow. Plumbing code isn't written by a bunch of old farts trying to make your life miserable. It is written by people who want you and yours to have clean air and clean water in your home. Historically this seems to translate into trade protectionism. There may be attitudes on both sides of the equation but this website is not about that. There have always been people who wanted to do their own work, in plumbing as well as every other craft. My position has always been sympathetic. The work is being done and I want to see it done right. I will not look away, I cannot, whenever I have been asked for advice I have given it freely.

The internet is now full of sites that would profit from your do it yourself plumbing interest. I have nothing against that but the lack of concern for the end result is troubling. I remember thinking it seemed that in good times every guy with a pick-up truck was a contractor. Now it seems every person with a website is a plumbing expert. Would that it were that simple. My goal on this website is to teach teach teach. We, as professional and layman, do not speak the same language. How then can you be led through a plumbing project step by step and not lose your way. You must know the way because you know the landscape. It is the only way.

Plumbing-geek is a work in progress, I know it is incomplete. Till it is, feel free to ask specific questions. I believe that diy plumbing can and should be done with confidence. Confidence that you can perform the task at hand and confidence that there will be a safe sanitary result.

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