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Here  is my vintage Thomas Maddocks Sons Co. pedestal lavatory. According to my 1924 catalog it is a Madbury K2000. The date stamps seem to read 5 24 24 on the underside of the basin and 9 13 24 on the support web of the base. It can often be difficult to read the stamp markings of old fixtures and that is also the case here, but on each piece the year indicator 24 is plain to see.

There is so much to say about this fixture. It is wonderfully intact and has no chips or fractures. It is stunningly crazed which is one of the first things I noticed about it. The interesting thing about the crazing though is that it is below a thick clear glaze. Whether the crazing is in the white glaze or at the bottom of the clear glaze it does not seem to be at the surface. It cannot be felt and it does not appear in the reflective gleam of the surface. 

One thing that makes the stamp on the base difficult to read is that it is under so much clear glass. There are also a few spots on the basin where the clear glaze formed unintended runs and drops, one of these drops is broken away but the other is intact. The crazing of the basin is not as fine as that of the base but it is there in more broad lines.

The original wall bracket retainers are mounted in place, wall brackets will need to be located or fabricated.

When I was able to acquire this fixture I already had fully rebuilt valve bodies for it, as well as the full complement of vitreous trims. As was intended, no metal shows above the faucet deck when the fixture is not in use. Special skirted cross handles and a skirted drain pull hide the metal retainers that keep the escutcheons in place.

I made the escutcheon retainers, the stem assemblies were custom made for the project by a specialty stem manufacturer in Colorado.    

All parts visible above are in fresh polished nickel. 

Most of the drain parts below are as well.

You will notice that there is no visible spout above the deck, the spout is integral. The valve bodies are sealed to the china above and below. They are ported so that the water mixes within the china and  is emitted from a round port above the drain.

The overflow is similarly hidden from view.

Here are the catalog pages that show the original intended installation and specifications.

Note that there are three original sizes. My Madbury is 25 inches wide and 21-1/2 inches from front to back. While that does not indicate very well which size it is the 16-1/2 inch  wide basin clearly makes it the small size.

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